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Sugar daddy success in Australia

Australia is a funny country for sugar daddy dating. While plenty of our political leaders, sporting figures and businessmen have been caught gallivanting with younger women, it’s not a country where it’s particularly acceptable in the mainstream.

Australia is still a conservative country with a strong Christian tradition and there are still many taboos, including much older men making moves on young girls out on the town. This stigma about young women dating older men means it’s not easy for well-to-do mature fellas to meet young women in the local bars and clubs.

Australia sugar baby and sugar daddy
Many of the bars at which would be sugar daddies often tried to seduce young women have fallen by the wayside. Generally speaking, it’s not the sort of place many people want to hang out so they often don’t last long. They’re also known for charging exorbitant rates for drinks and outrageous cover charges.

Sugar daddy dating online, however, has caught in on Australia and there have been numerous success stories. A great example is famous businessman, doctor and celebrity Geoffrey Edelstein has been open about having met several very attractive young women on sugar daddy dating websites, one or two of which he’s even married!

The advantage is obvious – the women and the men on these sites make it clear what they want and they can just cut to the chase. Australia sugar daddy don’t have to feel like a sleaze and imagine
the judgment eyes cast on you as you prowl for young women in bars.

Men looking for beautiful young women or sugar baby can scout the web without shame and women looking for a bit of ritz and glamour in their lives can do so without feeling shamed by what
is still a bit of a backwards society in some ways.

So if you’re a senior chap with a bit of cash to spend and a love of young beautiful women and Australia sugar baby, head straight online for some sugar daddy dating in Australia!

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